KombuchaKon 2018 Announces Bob Pease as Keynote, Conference To Focus on Culturing Positive Growth

Los Angeles, CA (Nov. 7, 2017) – Kombucha Brewers International is pleased to announce the theme and keynote speaker for KombuchaKon 2018, their fifth annual conference, taking place on Feb. 10-11 at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California.

This year’s conference theme will be “Defining Our Culture,” and Bob Pease, CEO and President of the Brewers Association, will be delivering the keynote address.

“Defining our Culture” as it relates to the kombucha industry means exploring everything from SCOBY genomics to sustainable practices and employee owned business models. “A culture of healthy competition between microbes is the key to kombucha brewing, just as healthy competition is the key to industry growth, especially with kombucha,” KBI Chairman of the Board Alex LaGory explained. “Our focus this year is to continue to define that culture – our common practices, attitudes and goals – while nurturing the rich diversity of brands who brew this fantastic ancient tonic.” Sessions will include Kombucha Genetics, In House Techniques for Culture Analysis, Worker Co-ops & Business Transition, Sustainability Panel and others to be announced. As always, the conference will feature the world’s largest Kombucha Sampling Bar featuring flavors from all over the world as well as in-person networking with over 100 brands.

KBI is tapping Pease as the keynote speaker to learn from his experience in his role with the Brewers Association, and from how the craft beer industry has evolved over the last 30 years.

Pease is responsible for managing the daily operations of the Brewers Association, whose 3,500 members produce more than 99 percent of all the beer made in the United States. He has also worked extensively on Government Affairs issues facing the craft beer industry. Based in Colorado, he frequents Washington D.C. as a registered lobbyist, advocating for the interests of small and independent brewers.

His experience in this area is particularly relevant to the current goals of the kombucha industry: for example, the KOMBUCHA Act was introduced in Congress by KBI earlier this year to pave the way for authentic kombucha to have a permanent place in the non-alcoholic category. Such legislative action is just one of many ways the kombucha industry’s growth parallels the trajectory taken by craft beer brewers some thirty years earlier, and how it also seeks to emulate that industry’s success.

About Kombucha Brewers International:

Kombucha Brewers International is the non-profit trade association for the international kombucha brewing industry. To learn more about the kombucha industry, or for more information on membership, please contact KBI President Hannah Crum at info@kombuchabrewers.org, or visit kombuchabrewers.org.