Our Mission


Kombucha Brewers International (KBI) is a non-profit trade association (501 c 6) that represents the commercial Kombucha Tea bottled beverage category globally. KBI strives to promote, protect and enhance the overall well-being of the industry by creating an open line of communication between brewers, consumers and regulators while advancing our industry through advocacy, education, research, and modern legislation.


Core Values & Beliefs

At Kombucha Brewers International we believe in:

  • Closing the loop – engaging in sustainable business practices that benefit both people and planet
  • Promoting and celebrating the process of Kombucha brewing
  • Vigorously defending our industry
  • Providing stewardship for 2,000 years of brewing history.
  • Educating consumers about the diversity, styles, flavors and quality of Kombucha
  • Improving the economic health of Kombucha brewers.
  • Working to build a community of brewers and brewing enthusiasts to provide them with a unified voice.
  • Promoting ethical and legal trade practices.
  • Building relationships and collaborating with our industry partners.
  • Fostering transparency within our own organization.