Want to support the KOMBUCHA Act but too busy to make your own materials?
Use our readymade graphics and flyers to make a big impact in minutes. Select the graphics you want below or download all files.

Guide to Using the Materials

Need help? Check out our tip sheet on how to use the materials or email lgo@kombuchabrewers.org with any questions.

Social Media Copy

Ready-to-use text for your KOMBUCHA Act posts.

Congressional Social Media Accounts

Tag lawmakers in your posts! Here’s a comprehensive list of social media handles, organized by state. 

Don’t know who your reps are?

Find Your Representative

Find Your Senators

Social Media Posts

Social media images sized for Facebook and Instagram.

Download Posts

GIPHY Stickers

Stickers you can add to your stories as badges of support for the KOMBUCHA Act. Use these to remind customers to sign the petition and #protectrawkombucha. Just search @kombuchabrewers on GIPHY or in IG stories to find the whole selection.

Customizable Social Media Frames

Open these .pngs in your favorite image editor and place them on top of your photos – an easy way to customize your KOMBUCHA Act posts. Images sized for Facebook and Instagram.

Animated Social Media Posts

Animated social media images sized for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Posters and Flyers

These PDF posters that take customers straight to the petition to support your business, designed to be posted or handed out at farmers’ markets and other events. Add your logo to bottom corner to customize. Sized at 8.5×11 and 5.5×8.5.


For a more engaging message, share one of these videos with messages from GT Dave of GT’s Kombucha and Hannah Crum of Kombucha Kamp urging customers to #protectrawkombucha.

Youtube Links (Great for Including in Your E-Newsletter!)

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Kombucha Kamp

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