The Kombucha Research Lab at Oregon State University, headed by Dr. Christopher Curtin, is conducting a new experiment to develop standards of identity for Kombucha products. With an increasing assortment of flavours and brands, the range of Kombucha products has been ever broadening. Kombucha Brewers International in collaboration with the Curtin Lab is determining […]

Our next Capitol Hill Climb to support the KOMBUCHA Act was originally scheduled for May 13th, 2020. However, due to the current limitations of COVID-19 related travel restrictions and physical distancing requirements, we are taking our efforts online! What does this mean for kombucha brewers across the United States? It’s now easier than ever to […]

   Alison Root, Megan Root, and Eoin Flinn, Booch, Kikuyu, Kenya  Q: When did you first discover kombucha? November 2016. Late to the party. Started a kombucha company 2 months later in January 2017. Q: Why did you start your own kombucha company? I fell in love with kombucha, the taste and the increased energy, […]

BrewLogix Data-Driven Growth & Opportunity Webinar Presented by: Lori Bolin BIO Lori Bolin is the Chief Strategy Officer for BrewLogix, an exciting “Internet of Things” company leveraging technology and analytics to drive growth for those who brew, self-distribute, or serve kegged beverages. Lori is also currently overseeing the “next gen” development of BreweryDB, the largest […]

Kombucha Heal-In Overview What is the Kombucha Heal-In? Gift Card Matching program: Schedule and Details Kombucha Heal-In Press Release Participating Brands Program Sponsors Contact Us What is the Kombucha Heal-In? The Kombucha Heal-In (May 5-22) is the Kombucha industry’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic that has threatened the physical, emotional and economic well-being of people […]

 Aleksandra Tomažin, AYATANA, Lesce, Slovenia   Q: When did you first discover kombucha? I first came across kombucha in the summer of 2016 when I was studying at Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy in Venice Beach, California. As soon as I got home, kombucha was my first news to my husband. I later discovered that kombucha […]

How to Set up an E-Commerce Site Webinar Presented by: Orleatha Smith Bio Orleatha is a serial entrepreneur with experience in a wide variety of fields with the most recent decade spent in eCommerce creating and growing Better Meal Plans, a digital meal planner and app. Her most recent endeavor is InclusivePay – a financial […]

Kombucha es un producto que se puede producir de manera segura tanto en casa como de manera comercial. Al ser un alimento tradicional fermentado, sus componentes microbianos y los ácidos orgánicos que produce aseguran que se mantenga bien preservada, incluso sin refrigeración. El papel de los alimentos fermentados precede otros tipos de tecnologías de preservación […]

Freya Twigden, Fix8, London, United Kingdom  Q: When did you first discover kombucha? 2014, I was living in Shanghai for a year abroad of study. I had some time on my hands so decided to enroll in a Traditional Chinese Medicine course at a local health food shop. It was the first week I attended […]

Kombucha Brewer Resources & Strategies in the Time OF COVID-19 Webinar Presented By: Katherine Florman Director of Human Resources for MAG Group Dave Ransom Attorney and lobbyist for the kombucha brewers industry, McDermott Will & Emery LLP Erica Stocker Public Policy Advisor, McDermott Will & Emery LLP WEBINAR DESCRIPTION Join us for a webinar led […]