Based on the rules put forth by the FDA effective July 26, 2016, commercial Kombucha producers in the United States are required to indicate the sugar they add to the fermentation process as “Added Sugars.” However, the amount required to put on the label is AFTER fermentation has occurred. To be in compliance with this […]

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Margaret Hayman and Amy Costa, CapeCod Kombucha, Wellfleet, MA, USA Q: When did you first discover Kombucha? M: I personally discovered kombucha for the first time in a very small grocery store in the small town of Wellfleet, where I live. It was actually the “Wonder Drink” Asian Pear flavor in a can, probably around 2010.  […]

Municipalities are eager to find new ways to fund their operations and programs. Lately it has been popular to enact a “sugar tax” on non-alcoholic beverages that exceed whatever threshold the municipality has deemed as acceptable. There is a long history of enacting “sin taxes” on products that are perceived or proven to have a […]

Kombucha is a traditionally fermented, low alcohol, non-intoxicating beverage that is most commonly consumed raw, meaning unpasteurized, to protect the probiotics and nutrients in a living form from being damaged. Unpasteurized means not subject to pasteurization via heat or chemical means. As a result of remaining a raw product, it can experience slight shifts in […]

KBI is excited to announce a partnership with Oregon State University to study the organisms present in Kombucha cultures from around the United States. The purpose of the study is to try sequence numerous samples from a wide variety of places to answer the question of “What is a SCOBY?” After sequencing all of the […]

Rafael and Adina Martinez, Mighty Bucha, Atlanta, GA, USA Q: When did you first discover kombucha? We first discovered kombucha in 2013 and began making it shortly after.  Q: Why did you start your own kombucha company? We started Mighty Bucha as a creative outlet from our every day “regular” jobs and as a way […]

Dana Tuma, Mama’s Booch, Menominee, MI Q. When did you first discover kombucha?   I first discovered Kombucha through the Weston A. Price Foundation, a non-profit nutritional organization we recognize.   Q. Why did you start your own kombucha company?   I was not even searching to start my own business, it just happened, I am […]

Join us at the Expert Review Panel on Ethanol Testing for Kombucha at the AOAC’s 131’st Annual Meeting taking place at the Atlanta Marriott on Sunday September 24th from 1-4pm. The meeting is free for all to attend. KBI President, Hannah Crum, will be on the panel. KBI Secretary, Melanie Wade (Golda Kombucha), along with […]

Adam Vanni, JAAR Kombucha, London, England   Q: When did you first discover Kombucha? I first discovered kombucha while at university in San Diego around 2008. A friend of mine was and into health and wellness and introduced me to GT’s. I think the first flavour I tried was the Mystic Mango. To be completely […]