Mher Badalyan, Arbucha, Yerevan, Armenia Q: When did you first discover kombucha? A: In 2019 I first ordered a SCOBY from US and tried my first homemade kombucha. Q: Why did you start your own kombucha company? A: To promote healthy and natural functional beverages in Armenia and make authentic Armenian kombucha. Q: What is […]

Juan Felipe Gallego Correa, Mils, Antioquia, Colombia Q: When did you first discover kombucha? A: We discovered Kombucha about three years ago in a conversation with a local buyer from PriceSmart, and we developed the whole concept and beverage starting from a tiny SCOBY that we fermented for about a year. Q: Why did you […]

A recent Linkedin post by Komvida–Spain’s kombucha market leader–drew attention to the explosive growth in sales across the country. “In the last two years the kombucha sector in Spain has experienced a growth of more than 580% in terms of sales. Invoicing 3.1 million euros in 2020 has gone to 21.1 million euros in 2022, […]

São Paulo, Brazil & Beverly Hills, CA (June 29, 2023) – ABKom, the Associação Brasileira de Kombucha, is pleased to announce that it has become a partner organization with Kombucha Brewers International, further strengthening the network of kombucha producers and promoting the growth of the industry globally. “This partnership is a positive step towards advancing […]

In this video, Hannah Ruhamah, the President of Kombucha Brewers International, interviews Brandon from Circle Bev, the oldest Indianapolis-based Kombucha brand. Circle Bev creates Kombucha with a lighter flavor profile, making it more approachable to those new to the category.  Circle Bev also has a line extension of sparkling collagen water, which adds 20 grams […]

Despite the fact that women were the first alewives and brewsters in many societies, craft beverages have long been dominated by men. With the rise of the kombucha industry over the last twenty-five years, women have found a new opportunity to once again carve a space for themselves as business leaders and masters of the […]

Dr. Yasmine Mason, Fermentation Farm, Costa Mesa, CA Q: When did you first discover kombucha? A: A friend was making kombucha on her countertop and gave me a SCOBY in 2009 to make my first batch. Q: Why did you start your own kombucha company? A: I founded Fermentation Farm in 2014 with the fundamental […]

Dylan LAbbe-Lindquist, Pigeon Cove Ferments, Rockport, MA Q: When did you first discover kombucha? A: We have been consumers of kombucha for many years. I (Dylan) remember when I was a child visiting my parents’ friends’ houses where they were often brewing their own Kombucha, I remember the smell most of all. Q: Why did […]

Zoey Shamai, Tonica Kombucha, Canada Q: When did you first discover kombucha? A: In 2004 while living at a Kundalini Yoga Ashram in New Mexico. Everyone was making their home brews and GTS was the only booch on the shelves in Wild Oats (now Whole Foods) back then! Q: Why did you start your own […]

Want to become more involved with KBI and the Board? Are you looking for opportunities to build your network Want to further your skill set and enhance your resume? Seeking a path to becoming a Board Director? Kombucha Brewers International is actively seeking passionate, diverse, and experienced board members to help guide the organization as it grows. Board […]