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9/26/17 – KBI Press Release

AOAC Honors Kombucha Working Group Confers Prestigious ‘Expert Review Panel of the Year’ Award

5/3/2017 – Kombucha 101: Demystifying The Past, Present And Future of the Fermented Tea Drink

3/20/17 – Kombucha Brewers International Aims to Create Industry Standards

2/16/17 – KBI Press Release

KBI Applauds Senators Wyden and Gardner, Congressmen Polis and Tipton for Introducing Legislation to Assist Kombucha Makers

1/11/17 – KBI Press Release

Full Agenda Announced For KombuchaKon 2017; Annual Convention Lineup Will Be Largest Ever

1/9/17 – Bootleg Bucha Helps to Save the Day


12/21/16 – Is Fermented Tea Making People Feel Enlightened Because of…Alcohol?

12/20/16 – KBI Press Release

KBI Champions Kombucha Brewers in New York State

10/11/16 – KBI Press Release

Keynote Speaker for KombuchaKon 2017 Revealed

9/27/16 – KBI Press Release

Kombucha Brewers International Announces AOAC Update; Testing Methods for Kombucha Take a Step Forward

9/14/16 – KBI Press Release

Kombucha Brewers International Announce KKon 2017 Updates; Convention Theme “Rising Tides” Reflects Industry’s Rapid Expansion

9/7/16 – Beverage Association Works to Raise Marketability

8/25/16 – KBI Press Release

Kombucha Brewers International Launches New Membership Designation

3/9/16 – KBI Press Release

KBI To Host Capitol Hill Kombucha Roundtable Discussion; AOAC Ethanol Standard Method Development to Next Phase

2/12/16 – Legal Expert Talks Label Claims and Class Action Lawsuits at KombuchaKon

2/10/16 – More Collective Action Than Kumbaya at KombuchaKon 2016

1/5/16 – Kombucha goes mainstream

1/1/16 – Oxnard beverage maker cashes in on a resurgence in kombucha tea



12/30/15 KBI Press Release

KBI Verified Program to Launch at Kombucha Kon 2016 in February; New AOAC Standards Working Group for Testing Ethanol in Kombucha Completes Phase One


12/8/15 – Kombucha tea dangers (CNN)


11/09/15 – Battle Brews Over Kombucha Teas


10/26/15 KBI Press Release

Kombucha Industry Unites at KombuchaKon 2016 -Third Annual Conference Aims to Help Industry Grow Together


10/12/15 – As Kombucha Sales Boom, Makers Ask Feds for New Alcohol Test

9/29/15 – Kombucha Industry Grappling with Regulatory Fight

9/23/15 – Tensions bubble between kombucha brewers and feds


9/16/15 – KBI Press Release

Kombucha Brewers International & Member Companies Join AOAC to Develop New Standard for Testing Ethanol in Kombucha


9/16/15 – KBI Partners with AOAC to Develop New Ethanol-Testing Protocols for Kombucha

9/16/15 – Trouble Brewing in the Colorado Kombucha Community


7/29/15 – KBI Press Release

Kombucha Brewers International Establishes Best Practices for Kombucha Industry


5/21/15 – Kombucha? You betcha

4/8/15 – Kombucha: Upcoming Booze Report Ferments Concern


4/1/15 – KBI Press Release

Kombucha Brewers International Publishes New Handling and Testing Protocols Shown to Significantly Reduce Errors during Ethanol Compliance Evaluation



3/3/14 – B&R Liquid Adventure to Debut Bucha Yuzu Lemon at Expo West

1/27/14 – Kombucha Brewers International Hosts Industry Conference



11/26/13 – Probiotic Action Explains the New Health Benefits Surrounding Kombucha and Probiotics for Acne

11/20/13 – Kombucha Bubbles Toward the Mainstream

11/11/13 – Q&A: The Plans of Kombucha Brewers International

10/22/13 – Kombucha Entrepreneurs Form Trade Group


10/22/13 – KBI Press Release

Rapidly Growing Kombucha Tea Category Unites with Kombucha Kamp Founders to form the Kombucha Brewers International Trade Association

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