Kombucha Flavor Flower




KBI Kombucha Flavor Flower

Grab your own copy of the KBI Kombucha Flavor Flower. Inspired by the flavor wheels for beer, wine, whiskey, tea and chocolate, this beautiful rendition is a valuable tool for sensory evaluation and judging of Kombucha’s many potential flavors. This beautiful graphic representation of the flavors of Kombucha was designed by KBI collaborator, BrewLogix.


  • Each of the 108 petals on the Flavor Flower define a potential flavor of Kombucha.
  • Below are 2 other flowers representing Off Flavors and Mouthfeel.
  • Select PDF or print version.
  • Print version includes PDF version.
  • Hard copies ship via USPS Media Mail
  • Available for international shipping

BONUS – receive a free Sensory Testing PDF document with every purchase. Use this helpful document to rate your own or other’s Kombucha/Jun brews.




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