Kombucha HACCP Plan Template Form, Tracking Logs & Video Tutorial


Hannah Crum, President of KBI and international Kombucha consultant, walks through the HACCP plan document to offer insight into how to customize the forms based on your unique process. She also answers questions from webinar attendees.


The Food Modernization and Safety Act (FSMA) has been the law of the land for all sizes of businesses across the United States since 2011. It requires all manufacturers to be completely responsible for what’s in their products at all times. This means every food production business is required to generate several supporting documents that outline every step of their manufacturing process including HACCP plan (Hazardous And Critical Control Points), lot coding and recall procedures.

While there are many resources that one can read online or courses one can take to understand the principles, there are few resources that demonstrate how to apply these principles directly to Kombucha manufacturing outside of hiring a consultant, which can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. 

What is a HACCP Plan?

A Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points or HACCP Plan is a systematic approach to the identification, evaluation, and control of food safety hazards (biological, chemical, and physical) throughout the production process to prevent the risk of foodborne illness or other safety concerns. HACCP is based on the following seven key activities:

  • Conduct a hazard analysis
  • Determine critical control points (CCP)
  • Establish critical limits
  • Establish a monitoring system
  • Establish a procedure for corrective action for use when monitoring a CCP indicates a deviation from an established critical limit
  • Establish procedures for verification to confirm the effectiveness of the HACCP Plan
  • Establish documentation concerning all procedures and records appropriate to these activities and their applications

Included Documents & Videos

  • HACCP Plan Cover and Description
  • Process Flow Diagram
  • HACCP Hazard Analysis
  • CCP logs
  • Standard Sanitation Operating Procedures
  • Employee Illness Policy and Agreement
  • Customer/Consumer Complaint and Response log
  • Visitor log
  • Cooler temp log
  • Cooler temp calibration log
  • HACCP PDF Presentation from KKON15 by Susan Fink 
  • HACCP PDF Presentation from KKON16 by Edward Rothbauer
  • HACCP Plan Webinar by Hannah Crum (video)


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