Debra J Chrapaty, GloryBucha Kombucha, Bellevue, WA, USA

Q: When did you first discover kombucha?

I was first introduced to kombucha by a work colleague about 10 years ago. She loved it and said that when she was on a kombucha regiment she always felt her best. So I tried one of the better selling brands. I still remember being at my desk, taking a sip and then asking her,”how do you drink this stuff?” and then handing her the bottle. About 5 years after that, I began planning for my wedding. I was a technology executive at the time who sat behind a desk all day and came home to a glass or two of wine. I wasn’t feeling good or looking good and I wanted to be my best for my wedding, so I tried kombucha again. This time I was a bit more “prepared” for what kombucha was and how it tasted. I still recall the crossing over moment when I really began to enjoy kombucha, although I still cannot say why. Since then I have never looked back! Drinking kombucha has helped boost my energy, my acuity and my fitness level. GloryBucha Kombucha was inspired by my first encounter with kombucha and the idea that kombucha does not have to be a taste you have to “get used to” but rather, one you crave. I drink GloryBucha Kombucha everyday and I crave it.

Q: Why did you start your own kombucha company?

I really can’t answer this except to say that I love kombucha so much and it’s made such a difference for me that I wanted to bring truly delicious kombucha to the world. Here I mean kombucha everyone will want to drink; even people who say they “hate” kombucha. I was lucky to meet our brewmaster, Lowell Profit. He is an incredible craftsman and and together we were able to forge the mission of our company which is to make it easy for everyone to make healthy choices.

I could say that with obesity impacting more than a third of the US population and childhood obesity on the rise; and with about 74% of Americans complaining about gastrointestinal issues, that I wanted to bring a product to our community that’s healthy and rich in probiotics and antioxidants. Or that our brewery is in northern Washington so it’s also exciting to support local partners by using only fresh, local ingredients and employing folks in our community to create and deliver GloryBucha Kombucha. But in reality, I opened a kombucha brewery for the sheer love of kombucha brewing and to be a part of the tradition and craftsmanship brewing this incredible drink. We were lucky to have King 5 News capture the journey and purpose of GloryBucha Kombucha. You can see it here :

Q: What is your favorite flavor of kombucha? 

Wow, this is a tough question because I am a kombucha fanatic! I buy and drink every brand of kombucha I can find and I seek it out even when I go to a different city or country. I am proud to say, as a member of the KBI community, that I am finding more and more amazing brewers and fun, different flavor combinations. It is so energizing and inspiring to see the industry flourishing. Lately I have really been enjoying some of the hops brews and really like Heath-Ade’s Hops-Mint. But around February, GT’s Pure Love took the show for me. It is just beautiful, from the bottle design to the hibiscus scoby, it really is pure love!

To bring our customers some new amazing kombucha tastes, we are excited to introduce our new flavor line called GloryBucha Sensations. Our Sensations products include fresh ingredients like jalapeno, mint, habanero, sage and hops. Ingredients that tantalize the taste buds. Our tagline is Flavor, Fizz, Fabulous and our Sensations products are proving to be that and more!

Q: What is your former/current other life or career?

Living the dream to me means a lot of things. Certainly building GloryBucha Kombucha is on the top of list. But I also have had a great career over many decades as a technology executive building brands like Wells Fargo, Microsoft, Cisco, Zynga and E*TRADE. I am also an angel investor in many technology and products companies. My career is and continues to be an amazing journey, where I get to focus on the product and technology companies that fascinate me the most and help to bring them forward.

Q: What is a saying that you live by?

My favorite expression was passed on to me by my mother who died when I was in my 20’s. She said, “Deb – You get what you give in life.” That is why I am proud to give our customers and the world healthy, delicious GloryBucha Kombucha! We say “Drink smart; Feel glorious.” What better gift can I share with people then the gift of feeling glorious?