About KBI

KombuchaBrewers.org is the online hub for Kombucha Brewers International (KBI), a nonprofit [501 (C) (6)] trade association committed to promoting and protecting commercial Kombucha Brewers around the world.

Kombucha is fermented tea that has been consumed for more than 2,000 years and has a host of purported health benefits. Each brewer’s Kombucha is as unique as their personality. Nearly every Kombucha company represented here had their humble beginnings as a homebrewer. Once bitten by the Kombucha brewing bug and encouraged by friends and family, each of these companies has been inspired to grow by the passion and creativity required to brew Kombucha at a commercial level.

Our mission is to educate consumers and retailers about the benefits of Kombucha through setting ethical industry and labeling standards, engaging in class marketing and pioneering research. If you share our passion, we invite you to join us!