About the Kombucha Research Database

The Kombucha Research Database is the brainchild of Alex LaGory & Hannah Crum of Kombucha Kamp. As pioneers in the world of Kombucha, Hannah’s avid love of collecting research papers was made manageable by Alex’s concept to create a searchable database similar to PubMed or GoogleScholar populated solely with Kombucha related studies and content.

Starting in 2005, Hannah gathered any and all research she could locate. When a study was not publicly available, she reached out to the scientists directly, striking up friendships and even discussing future research ideas. As more studies were located, a spreadsheet became necessary just to keep it all in order. Then, when she and Alex wrote The Big Book of Kombucha, the first version of the database was included as an appendix.

In 2014, the decision to create an online, searchable version was made. Over the next 5 years, Kombucha Kamp hosted the Research Database and contributed over 1,700 hours to design, development, collection, and cataloging of the database, including more than 1,000 hours donated by Hannah and Alex to the process.

In conjunction with the Laraine Dave Kombucha Education & Lobbying Endowment’s mission of education, as of September 2019, the Research Database is now under the stewardship of Kombucha Brewers International. The mission moving forward is to continue collecting all relevant research while also creating new, easy to understand content that synthesizes the science of Kombucha for the general reader, using blog posts, infographics, and article outreach to spread the message.

Stay tuned for additional updates and new content coming in January 2020.

Kombucha Research Database

Funding & ongoing support for this project is provided by the Laraine Dave Kombucha Education & Lobbying Endowment Fund. 

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