Brewer Member Benefits

  • Member Forum
    • Connect with other commercial kombucha brewers
    • Access Members Only information and support materials
      • Every KKon Presentation since 2014
      • Classifieds section – buy/sell equipment
      • Lobbying Template Letters
      • COGS Spreadsheet Template…and more!
  • Member Discounts for products and services
    • Affiliate members provide discounts
    • Discounted registration for KombuchaKon, the annual industry conference
    • Member pricing for educational webinars and conference recordings
  • Access to valuable information regarding our industry
  • Grow together! Get involved with your favorite committee to make new friends, get insider tips all while elevating your industry.


“KBI membership isn’t just about having a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, it’s also about having someone to call when the state regulators are threatening to shut you down and stepping in to provide a voice of industry authority so that doesn’t happen. It’s about culturing friendships with other brewers (get it?) and making meaningful connections with like-minded people. KBI, Hannah, and the community of brewers is always there for us in times of crisis AND of celebration. I don’t know where Pilot Kombucha would be without them!”


Brewery Member Requirements

  • Commercial Kombucha or JUN (aka raw honey Kombucha) beverage company (bottles, kegs or cans)
  • Product available in 5 retail outlets [Farmers Markets count too!] – Not in 5 retail locations? Check out our Brewery in Process Membership below.
  • OR a Kombucha Brew Pub serving products on tap in your location to retail customers – (must provide brew pub business license and photograph of brew pub retail interior)

IMG_2617 (1)

Brewery Membership Dues Structure

Tier 1: $395 – 0-25,000 gal annual output

Tier 2: $695 – 25,001 – 100,000 gallons produced annually

Tier 3: $995 – 100,001 – 250,000 gallons produced annually

Tier 4: $1295 – 250,001+ gallons produced annually



KBI Brewery In Process (BIP) Member Requirements

  • Any commercial kombucha or adjunct brewery that has yet to meet the Brewer Member Requirements (min. 5 retail outlets)
  • Join at any stage of the brewery process from planning to launch!
  • Shortcut to vital and valuable time-saving information to move your kombucha business forward
  • Excellent investment in business development & the future of Kombucha
  • Support and be supported by your industry 
  • $395/year


Adjunct Membership

  • Requirements: Any commercial fermented food or beverage industry with a minimum of 5 retail locations OR a BrewPub serving products on tap in your location to retail customers.
  • Examples of products:
    • Water Kefir
    • Kvass
    • other non-alcoholic traditionally fermented beverages
  • Access to member forums, member directory, HACCP plan resources, member discounts to attend KombuchaKon, and other member benefits listed above
  • $395/year


Affiliate/Supplier Membership

  • Access to Membership Directory to connect with the leaders of the Kombucha industry + quarterly Addenda as new members join
  • Attract new clients from our ever growing membership 
  • KBI Member badge to post on your website 
  • Free ad in KBI newsletter – reach those you are targeting
  • KombuchaKon Sponsorship opportunities
  • $995/year



Why Join?

KBI was formed in response to the Kombucha Crisis of 2010 where Whole Foods voluntarily recalled all Kombucha in its stores due to a potential labeling issue. The consequences of that were costly and brought a rapidly growing industry to a screeching halt. The post-traumatic stress of that crisis was stifling communications and paranoia spread throughout the community. Reformulation allowed the industry to breathe a small sigh but larger issues were still looming.

Alex LaGory and Hannah Crum of Kombucha Kamp founded KBI to bring everyone together in order to create solutions and a safe space to discuss the unique challenges of brewing Kombucha commercially. United now, we work proactively to educate regulators, establish best practices and collaborate to grow the Kombucha market. And it is working!

From a humble start of 40 original founding companies, KBI has grown to over 200 400 members worldwide representing every continent (except Antarctica – lol!) and we are just scratching the surface of our potential. 20th Century Soda is dying as 21st Century people demand healthier options that also deliver on taste. Kombucha provides refreshment, probiotic organisms and nutrition in a living form which leads to a palpable sensation of “feeling good” that is one of the driver of the exploding marketplace.

Therefore, this is a perfect time to come together, create a community of like-minded people, and enjoy the benefits of the old and true adage, “There is strength in numbers.”  If any of our members faces a regulatory challenge, our experienced membership base and leadership are there to to find resolution. We actively lobby at the state and Federal level for regulations that help our industry to keep up with the increasing consumer demand and rapid growth.

Our collective visioning is helping us shape the future of the industry, rather than letting it be shaped by external forces.  We are protecting and preserving the booch for generations of drinkers to come! Now, that’s a worthy cause.