KombuchaKon 2022 - Leveling Up! Conference Recordings

KombuchaKon is the annual conference and tradeshow of the commercial Kombucha industry. The recordings include all of the general sessions and panels. They also include a copy of the PDFs of the presentations of the speakers (indicated with an *).



21 sessions are included with the following talk titles:

  • SPINS Kombucha Market Analysis*
  • 5 Signs Your Finance Team is Underperforming*
  • The Reactionary World of Kombucha Microbiology*
  • Cultivating Brand Loyalty*
  • Cannabis: Where Are We & Where Are We Going?*
  • Rapid Sensory Quality Control for Kombucha Brewers*
  • Planning Your Production Facility*
  • Regenerative Agriculture and Its Impact*
  • How to Make Kombucha Commercially*
  • Finding Your Brand’s Core Identity*
  • Top 5 Investor Metrics for Kombucha Startups*
  • What Makes Kombucha Smell?*
  • Adapting to COVID & Supply Chain Issues*
  • Hard Kombucha – An Overview of TTB Federal Regulatory Requirements (PDF only)
  • Leveling Up Your Business (KEYNOTE)*


  • Creative Funding Solutions 
  • Leveraging Social Media for Better Sales
  • Hard Kombucha
  • Flavoring Kombucha
  • Advice from Founders


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