Quarterly KBI Campfire call – join Corey Wood of Elixir Kombucha and Chris Ollis from Spring Branch Kombucha for a quarterly open forum to chat about all things related to running a kombucha brewery.

  • Networking – brewers meeting other brewers,
  • Questions & Answers – ask questions about how other brewers organize their processes, source equipment and supplies, and more!

The hosts facilitate the conversation, but the group generates the content. Everyone on the call has some expertise on brewing kombucha and are ready to share.

We host an in-person version at KombuchaKon and other events which are very lively. If well attended, the call produces similar results.

Your Hosts

Chris Ollis is the co-founder of Spring Branch Kombucha, a family-run brewery located in Springfield, MO. He and his wife, Jessica, launched SBK as a draft-only operation in 2017. Today they distribute product throughout the Ozarks region of Missouri and Arkansas. Spring Branch is committed to offering low friction, healthy choices to consumers by producing a boldly flavored craft kombucha. Chris’ background is in finance with over 20 years of experience in the wealth management and banking industries. Chris has served KBI as the Treasurer since 2019.

Corey is native to Louisville, Kentucky, where Elixir Kombucha is located. Corey grew up skateboarding and playing guitar with his friends (including Ryan, now his partner in Elixir). He met his wife (and partner in Elixir), Danielle, while in high school. They both attended University of Louisville, where Corey received a bachelor’s degree in nursing, which led to a career as an ICU nurse. The intensity of work was offset by a love for reading, writing and home-brewing kombucha. Now, as head of operations at the award-winning Elixir Kombucha, Corey has overseen the scale of the brew from 9 gallons to 1000 gallons and counting. Corey has served on the KBI Board since 2019.

DATE: Wed, October 11, 2023

TIME: 1:00pm PT/ 3:00pm ET – 1-1.5 hours


The first ever WORLD KOMBUCHA AWARDS (WKA) contest will take place in Spain this Fall.

KBI launched the first ever awards for the global kombucha industry in 2022 with the Kombucha Kup.

Now, to further the cause of promoting kombucha worldwide, the first World Kombucha Awards competition is being launched by Jordi Canet, co-founder of Unica Beer, a craft beer brand based in Spain.

Like the Kombucha Kup, WKA is a competition opened to all international kombucha manufacturers and is organized by Kombucha Events, S.L. in collaboration with Kombucha Brewers International (KBI).

The WKA intend to elevate the kombucha category worldwide by recognizing the best kombuchas in a wide rage of categories. These awards are very clear orientated towards the final consumer and different from the Kombucha Kup, consumers with sensory experience have also been selected to be part of the panel of judges, together with qualified tasting experts and professionals from the sector.

Jordi Canet

Registration for the awards program is open now until August 20, 2023.

Judging will take place on the 16th and 17th of September in Caldes de Montbui, Barcelona, Spain. The awards ceremony will take place on the 21st of October. All winners will be invited to attend the gala however, they will not know what they have won until the event.

REGISTER NOW: https://beerawardsplatform.com/world-kombucha-awards/Barcelona, Spain. 

KBI MEMBERS receive a 10% discount valid till 07/31/2023.
Promotional code: kbi-member23

The WKA’s seal will recognize the quality and good work that is being carried out in the sector and we encourage you to participate!

Calling all Kombucha Brewers!!

KBI President, Hannah Crum, will be touring around the Midwest & Mid-Atlantic Region to share upcoming developments at KBI. Check the schedule to find out when she will be stopping in your area and come on out for Kombucha, conversation, community and more!

She will be discussing the KBI Verification Seal Program, dues changes and share the roadmap for where KBI and the Kombucha industry is headed in 2023.

Chicago, IL - 8/29

First stop on the Midwest tour is to Chicago, IL where Hannah is speaking at the Fermentation Association’s long awaited first ever in person conference “Fermentation 2022.”

Hannah will be presenting on Monday 8/29 3:30-4:30pm 
“Collaborating for Stability and Growth in the Kombucha Industry”

Following the conference sessions on Monday, Kombucha brewers are invited to a KBI Meet and Greet in the conference hotel lobby bar at 6pm CST.

RSVP requested, please send an email to admin@kombuchabrewers.org

Indianapolis, IN - 9/1

KBI Partner & SYMBIOSIS Magazine sponsor, BrewLogix, is hosting a KBI Meet & Greet & Showcase event in Indianapolis. 

Kombucha brewers from across the state are invited to join us for a presentation, Kombucha on tap (bring yours to share!) and networking. Plus they’ve invited all of their retailer and distributor contacts to sample local Kombucha brews at their Indiana Kombucha Brewers Showcase.

September 1, 2022 – 2:00-4:30pm EST  

Learn more and RSVP for this FREE event here.


Asheville, NC - Tuesday 9/6

Join Hannah along with KBI Board Member, Zane Adams of Buchi Kombucha & FedUp Foods for an afternoon of information at the Center for Craft and an early evening mix and mingle at Rosetta’s Buchi Bar.

Bring samples to share – we gather at 2pm at Center for Craft (program starts 2:30ish) & 5:30pm at Rosetta’s Kitchen.

RSVP is requested, so if you’d like to join us, please send an email to admin@kombuchabrewers.org

Atlanta, GA - Friday 9/9

Melanie and her team at Cultured South will host a book signing and talk with KBI President, Hannah Crum. Enjoy Golda Kombucha, Wellness Elixirs and more alongside the beautiful Atlanta Beltway. 

Friday, 9/9 @ 5-9pm EST 


After years of tireless efforts from our lobbying team and many of you, we now have the momentum and the legislative support to pass the KOMBUCHA Act but we can’t do it without you! This year we’re returning to the Capitol with a Virtual Hill Climb on March 23-26, 2021, and we need all US kombucha brewers to join us.

Ongoing COVID restrictions have opened up a historic opportunity for you to connect with your representatives and voice your needs from anywhere in the US. No costs to cover and very little time required– it’s as easy as a 30-min Zoom meeting (with which we’ve all become WELL-acquainted this year).

In addition to pushing forward important legislation, you’ll:

  • Have a platform to share how the current economic crisis has affected your business
  • Advocate for your industry
  • Create valuable relationships with lawmakers
  • Receive hands-on training from our experienced lobbying team via a one time Zoom meeting- Thursday, March 18th, 11am PST/2pm ET
  • Network with fellow brewers during our virtual lobbying happy hour on Friday March 26th at 2pm PST/5pm ET, led by KBI president Hannah Crum
  • ***NON KBI MEMBERS ARE WELCOME*** – We advocate for you, too!

On World Kombucha Day, our congressional sponsors are re-introducing the bipartisan, uncontroversial bill we’ve been laying groundwork for since 2016 to ease outdated restrictions on kombucha brewers. With the recent changes to Congress, we have a real chance to pass the KOMBUCHA Act THIS YEAR. To secure this bill, members of Congress need to see and hear from kombucha brewing constituents. Only with your presence can we show lawmakers how important–and how timely– it is to pass this Act and ease the burden on kombucha brewers to comply with an outdated, ill-fitting law.

The KOMBUCHA Act, a game-changing piece of legislation for our growing industry, will raise the alcohol by volume (ABV) threshold for Kombucha to 1.25% ABV from 0.5% ABV. Today, as you know, if your Kombucha leaves the brewery at, say, 0.4% ABV, but increases to above 0.5% ABV at any point thereafter, you are subject to federal excise taxes intended for beer. That is a patently unfair and outdated result. These laws were never intended to make Kombucha subject to taxes designated for beer. Passing the KOMBUCHA Act under the next appropriations bill will relieve this unnecessary burden on kombucha brewers. Only Kombucha above that level (1.25%) will be subject to federal excise taxes when this Act becomes law.

We’ve seen the difference organizing can make in overturning the status quo, and how crucial the involvement of each individual is. This year’s Virtual Hill Climb is the most important one yet. We need any and all US kombucha brewers (members or not) to join the fight for this legislation by meeting with your representative to support the KOMBUCHA Act. Simply sign up for a Zoom meeting any time March 23-26 (8am-5pm ET)– our team will be with you every step of the way.

More information about the KOMBUCHA Act and our lobbying efforts can be found on our website. Again, it’s easier and more important than ever to attend this lobbying event and exercise your fundamental rights! No hotels to pay for, no flights to take, no days away from your business– just 30 minutes on your computer, with people invested in your success.

If you are available to join us, please fill out the registration form here. You may also contact KBI at lgo@kombuchabrewers.org to ask questions and receive updated information as it becomes available.

It’s time. We have the power. Let’s bring our voices to Washington!


Thanks to Past Participants:







Aqua ViTea Kombucha, VT
BABA’s Brew, PA
BAO Food & Drink, NJ
Blue Ridge Bucha, VA
Bootleg Bucha, NY
Buchi, NC
Capitol Kombucha, DC
Craft Kombucha, DC
Elixir Kombucha, KY
Funky Fresh, PA
Golda Kombucha, GA
GT’s Kombucha, CA
Health-Ade, CA
Hex Ferments, MD
High Country, CO
Holy Kombucha, TX
Humm Kombucha, OR
Katboocha, NY
Live Soda, TX
Ninja Kombucha, VA
Pilot Kombucha, NY
Revive Kombucha, CA
Sole Kombucha, PA

From May 12- May 15, 2020, kombucha brewers from all over the country came together to lobby their representatives in support of the KOMBUCHA ACT. With many states in full lock down, and Congressional staff working from home, KBI’s bi-annual hill climb looked a little bit different this year than in years passed. Normally, KBI President Hannah Crum and her team fly to Washington, alongside kombucha brewers and advocates. Hours are spent “climbing the hill”- running from building to building, meeting with Congressional Staff, and educating staff and representatives about what the heck kombucha even is.

Since the KOMBUCHA Act was introduced in 2016, KBI has attended over 180 meetings with Senate and Congressional staff, to educate lawmakers about the Kombucha industry and to drum up support for the Act. The COVID crisis threatened to cancel our critically timed May hill climb, but KBI and our brewer advocates got creative. Unable to meet with staff and representatives in person, our team set up 17 virtual meetings over video and online conferencing platforms.

Over the span of just a few days, KBI members, board members, and staff worked together to communicate the stories of how this crisis has impacted our industry and how the Act will provide stability for additional industry expansion. Away from the hustle and bustle of Capitol Hill, the meetings took on a more intimate, personal tone. Often, hill climbs are a rushed and hectic scene. Through the magic of the “work from home” hill climb, we were able to promote the KOMBUCHA Act, and the needs of our industry in general, to focused and interested staffers.

We shared some of the unique struggles our industry has faced over the last few months, like loss of product as well as CO2 shortages. The staffers and representatives were extremely kind, generous with their time, and responsive. As a direct result of our meetings, the KOMBUCHA Act picked up four additional co-sponsors.

We all know that kombucha brewers are a passionate, creative, and hardworking group. This May’s virtual hill climb is further proof of that, and showed that when we get creative and put in the work, big things can happen to benefit our industry!



Meetings already set up with:

  • Senator Kamala Harris
  • Speaker Nancy Pelosi


If you’d like to join the meetings, or schedule a meeting with your local congressman, please email lgo@kombuchabrewers.org.

In response to COVID-19 pandemic the kombucha industry banded together to bring our personal brand of worldwide healing to those threatened physically, emotionally and economically.

Kombucha Heal-In Results

  • With the help of sponsors, social media partners, and participating brewers, we exceeded our goal of 100,000 bottles of kombucha donated to hospitals and food banks around the world.
  • We also provided financial support to struggling small business brewers through a week-long program matching gift card sales, and…

  • Our “Embody Health” social media campaign and press around our Heal-In initiative helped to raise the profile of the kombucha industry and participating brands and sponsors.

to the sponsors of our gift card matching initiative:

Tier 1:

Gamer Packaging
Gamer Packaging
Rocky Mountain Cultures
Rocky Mountain Cultures
Teatulia Organic Teas
Teatulia Organic Teas

Tier 2:

Stephen Crandall
Deerland Enzymes
Deerland Enzymes
Kombucha Kamp
Kombucha Kamp

Tier 3:

Mannanova Solutions
Mannanova Solutions

Gift Card Matching and Donations

Twenty small business brewers participated in our Gift Card matching program, May 5-11. For each dollar in gift cards they sold that week, a matching dollar from our sponsor pool purchased their kombucha for local donation.

These brewers and MANY others, large and small, far and wide, also reported donations they self-funded and donation initiatives they organized to get free kombucha into the hands of those who needed it.

Check out highlights from brewers’ donations here: 
(Hover over the slider to stay on a slide, or use the L & R arrows to move forward or back)

Brewers participating in the gift card matching program:

Better Kombucha
Coastal Craft Kombucha
Collingwood Kombucha Company
Cross Culture Kombucha
ELIXIR Kombucha
Ensign Beverage
Fed Brew
Idaho Kombucha Co.
Katalyst Kombucha
KTea Kombucha
Ninja Kombucha
Oregonic Tonic Kombucha
Panacea Brewing Company
Pilot Kombucha
Reputation Beverage Co
Revel Kombucha Bar
Rich Elixirs
True Büch Kombucha
Social media & kombucha-donating brewer participants:

Brew Dr.
Cathy’s Kombucha
Diosa Organics
East Coast Kombucha
Health-Ade Kombucha
Revive Kombucha
Rocky Mountain Cultures
Yugen Kombucha

Press Highlights

A number of brewers received local news media and print media coverage for their donation deliveries to hospitals and food banks, including Collingwood Kombucha, ELIXIR Kombucha, KTea, True Büch Kombucha and Yugen Kombucha.

Thank you!

We are truly amazed at the level or response from our brewers, suppliers, and kombucha consumers. It illustrates that love and compassion can be the foundation to embodying our health.

Thank you to all who participated in, and supported, our Kombucha Heal-In initiative.

Questions? Contact Us!

Hannah Crum – president@kombuchabrewers.org

Kim Noble – director@kombuchabrewers.org

image of the capitol bldg in washington dc

Our next Capitol Hill Climb to support the KOMBUCHA Act was originally scheduled for May 13th, 2020. However, due to the current limitations of COVID-19 related travel restrictions and physical distancing requirements, we are taking our efforts online! What does this mean for kombucha brewers across the United States? It’s now easier than ever to attend a lobbying event and exercise your fundamental rights! So fire up your computers, turn on that webcam, and let’s bring our voices (and faces) to Washington!

  • Learn the ropes of lobbying with experienced brewers
  • Have a platform to share how the current economic crisis has impacted your business
  • Advocate for your industry and business
  • Create valuable relationships with lawmakers
  • Receive hands on training from our experienced lobbying team via a one time Zoom meeting- Friday, May 8th 11am PST
  • Network with fellow brewers and activists during our virtual lobbying happy hour on Friday May 15th at 1pm PST, led by KBI president Hannah Crum
  • ** NON KBI MEMBERS also welcome to join us – We fight for your rights too!

More information about the KOMBUCHA Act and our lobbying efforts can be found on our website.  

 If you are available to join us, please contact KBI at lgo@kombuchabrewers.org to receive updated information as it becomes available. 

The registration form to participate can be found here.

BrewLogix Data-Driven Growth & Opportunity Webinar

Presented by:

Lori Bolin


Lori Bolin is the Chief Strategy Officer for BrewLogix, an exciting “Internet of Things” company leveraging technology and analytics to drive growth for those who brew, self-distribute, or serve kegged beverages. Lori is also currently overseeing the “next gen” development of BreweryDB, the largest and most complete curated database of breweries in the world. In addition to her passionate work in the brewing industry, Ms. Bolin is the owner of a private consulting firm that focuses on creating competitive advantage for small-to-mid-market businesses through strategic innovation. Lori began her educational pursuit earning a four-year scholarship as a piano performance major before graduating Indiana University with a degree in business and telecommunications. She is a Certified Beer Server in the Cicerone® Program and her favorite Kombucha flavor (right now) is Guava!


We know your taprooms are currently shut down but that makes this the perfect time to learn how you can upgrade your operation, whether you brew, self-distribute, or serve kegged kombucha, you could gain a business advantage by seeing inside your kegs…and learning from “the data within”. During this uplifting webinar, learn how kegged beverage environments are expanding and how you can use the analytics within your kegs to grow your top and bottom lines while improving your customer experience!

Learn how a cold draft coffee brewer and self-distributor more than doubled his business in one year using an “Internet of Things” (IoT) solution and consider applying the same concepts to your organization! See how the owner of an on-premise retail environment can view his keg levels from anywhere and quickly analyze his draft performance. It will spark ideas for your tap room! You’ll also have an opportunity to speak into the next generation of BreweryDB to better serve the Kombucha community and capture the data most important to you!

See you there!

We invite you to listen in and ask questions. FREE for KBI Members & Non-Members


April 29th 1:00pm PST


DATE: April 29th, 2020
TIME: 1-3pm PST; 90 min presentation & 30 min Q&A
COST: Free for KBI members & Non-Members
Have questions? Please send in advance to admin@kombuchabrewers.org

Want to see other KBI webinars? Find them here.

Not a KBI Member, JOIN TODAY



How to Set up an E-Commerce Site Webinar

Presented by:

Orleatha Smith


Orleatha is a serial entrepreneur with experience in a wide variety of fields with the most recent decade spent in eCommerce creating and growing Better Meal Plans, a digital meal planner and app. Her most recent endeavor is InclusivePay – a financial and merchant services broker that specializes in serving cannabis and other high-risk businesses. She holds an advanced degree in education, a biology teaching credential, and is a certified holistic lifestyle coach. She has also been featured in popular publications such as First For Women Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, and has had appearances on various podcasts and television shows.


In these challenging circumstances, kombucha brewers are needing to adapt quickly. Our communities need kombucha now more than ever to build resistance and maintain resilience. KBI is here to support our entire industry as we pivot to technology for novel solutions.

This webinar is designed to help you navigate the many options available for creating an e-commerce platform for pick up, delivery and other distribution options. Join us and our guest Orleatha as we discuss payment processing, pick up options, and give you concrete ways to level up your business during this time.

We grow together!

We invite you to listen in and ask questions. FREE for KBI Members & Non-Members


April 15th 1:00pm PST


DATE: April 15th, 2020
TIME: 1-3pm PST; 90 min presentation & 30 min Q&A
COST: Free for KBI members & Non-Members
Have questions? Please send in advance to admin@kombuchabrewers.org

Want to see other KBI webinars? Find them here.

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Kombucha Brewer Resources & Strategies in the Time OF COVID-19 Webinar

Presented By:

Katherine Florman
Director of Human Resources for MAG Group

Dave Ransom
Attorney and lobbyist for the kombucha brewers industry, McDermott Will & Emery LLP

Erica Stocker
Public Policy Advisor, McDermott Will & Emery LLP


Join us for a webinar led by HR professional, Katherine Florman, lobbyist, Dave Ransom, and Public Policy Advisor, Erica Stocker to discuss the HR and legal ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic.  This webinar will compare stats and trends across regions, address kombucha’s status as an essential business, identify HR priorities for appropriately addressing our employees and customers, and look at how current and upcoming policy decisions may affect our brewers.  We’ll also check-in with our brewers to see how we are weathering the storm and exchange stories and ideas for remaining productive.


  • Ways to take care of yourself and your employees.
  • A list of employment policies and procedures to create or review
  • How employees and small businesses can access available aid and stimulus resources
  • How does kombucha qualify as an “essential business?”
  • What policies have been enacted (or are being considered) that may help kombucha businesses?
  • Ideas for pivoting your business model to retain/maximize sales 
  • Links to informational and template resources
  • And much more!

We invite you to listen in and ask questions. FREE for KBI Members & Non-Members

BONUS – Post webinar discussion on how different brands are pivoting or collaborating to ensure customers have access to the foods they need. Skip to the end for the conversation.


April 1st 1:00pm PST


DATE: April 1st, 2020
TIME: 1-3pm PST; 90 min presentation & 30 min Q&A
COST: Free for KBI members & Non-Members
Have questions? Please send in advance to admin@kombuchabrewers.org

Want to see other KBI webinars? Find them here.

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