Want to become more involved with KBI and the Board?

Are you looking for opportunities to build your network Want to further your skill set and enhance your resume? Seeking a path to becoming a Board Director? Kombucha Brewers International is actively seeking passionate, diverse, and experienced board members to help guide the organization as it grows.

Board Member Role and Responsibilities

  • Work with Board to set policies and maintain overall direction for the organization

  • Establish priorities based on the mission of the organization and impending issues

  • Craft strategies

  • Ensure that plans and programs are implemented

  • Share a passion and commitment to the mission

  • Must commit to a three year term

  • Ideally the majority of the Board is made up of Founders

  • Must attend at least EIGHT Board meetings annually (2 or more consecutive absences or 4 in a calendar year will result in removal from the position)

  • Must attend KombuchaKon and may be required to have additional duties at the conference including

    • Introducing Speakers/Thanking Sponsors

    • Generating & Presenting on topics of interest to the industry

    • Attend Member Meeting

  • Giving Annual Contribution to KBI above and beyond dues, KKon fees, etc.

    • Required for T3/T4

    • Optional for T1/T2

    • Amount is at the brand’s discretion

    • Lead by example – allows KBI staff to leverage those donations for further development from other members of the association

The Board is Seeking to Appoint Two Officers to the Board


Secretary (non-voting officer) – Roles and Responsibilities

  • Work with KBI President and staff to maintain Board Meeting Minutes & generate Board Meeting Agendas

  • Ensure the accuracy of all board records (including roll call, voting record on key decisions, nominations, etc)

  • Take clear and specific notes at all board meetings

  • Review board minutes and update on Google Docs following each board meeting within one week highlighting key follow-ups and next steps

  • Take roll call during the meeting

  • Send out agenda at least three days prior to meeting noting essential pre-reads and follow-ups

  • Conduct Roll Call at KombuchaKon (annual conference)

  • Take meeting notes during Member’s Meeting at KombuchaKon

  • Tally any votes that may take place at KombuchaKon

Treasurer (non-voting officer) – Roles and Responsibilities

  • Understand financial accounting for nonprofit organizations

  • Work with President to ensure that appropriate financial reports are made available to the board on a timely basis

  • Present budget status at monthly Board meetings and discuss any potential or projected shortfalls and make recommendations to fill gap

  • Work with President to present the annual budget to the board for approval

  • Assist with collections of outstanding member payments on biannual basis

  • Assist with developing fundraising strategies with President, KBI staff and other KBI Board members

  • Present Financial Report at Member’s Meeting at KombuchaKon

If interested, please reach out to Hannah Crum @ president@kombuchabrewers.org