Kombucha Code of Practice 3.0 Updates

Kombucha Code of Practice Evolves with the Industry

Kombucha Brewers International (“KBI”), the authoritative organization representing the interests of the global Kombucha industry, has unveiled the latest edition of its Kombucha Code of Practice. This revised, comprehensive guide, now at version 3.0, incorporates crucial updates to support continued excellence, compliance, and transparency in commercial kombucha production across the globe.

The latest changes to the Kombucha Code of Practice are designed to keep up with industry developments, research and governmental guidelines. These changes include:

  • Updated Kombucha Process Flow Chart: The revised flow chart provides an updated visual guide, clearly outlining the steps involved in the Kombucha brewing process. This diagram will facilitate understanding and adherence to best practices across the brewing industry.

  • Recall Procedure for Product Out of Compliance: KBI has implemented a robust recall procedure for any Kombucha product found deviating from the approved alcohol content limits. This new procedure ensures consumer safety and regulatory compliance, whilst providing a clear protocol for manufacturers.

  • Refrigeration & Ethanol Statements: Guidance has been provided on how to address refrigeration and ethanol content on product labels based on type of kombucha, to promote transparency and trust between producers and consumers.

  • Added Sugars Labeling: In accordance with FDA guidance, the new Code of Practice provides instructions for the proper labeling of added sugars in the United States. This update clarifies how the sugar used in primary fermentation needs to be labeled.

    KBI is working to spearhead discussions with the FDA to clear up the confusion this causes to consumers who assume these sugars are added post fermentation, which is not typically the case. 

  • Kombucha Culture Defined: The new guidelines allow for the term “Kombucha Culture” to be used on product labels. This option provides manufacturers flexibility and clarity when representing the composition of their brews, without listing specific strains, if desired.

"We are excited to release this updated Code of Practice. It underlines our commitment to ensure the highest quality standards in the commercial kombucha brewing industry.”

“We will use this version of the Code to identify the labeling and compliance requirements for our forthcoming Seal Program which intends to educate and inspire consumer confidence via transparency on the label while facilitating a growing and evolving kombucha industry"

Zane Adams, Chairman of the Board of KBI and Co-Founder | EVP of FedUp Foods, a Public Benefit Corporation Tweet

KBI invites all stakeholders to familiarize themselves with this new version 3.0 Code of Practice, which can be found online at kombuchabrewers.org/kombucha-code-of-practice.


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