Meet Our Members – Tonica Kombucha (CAN)

Zoey Shamai, Tonica Kombucha, Canada

Q: When did you first discover kombucha?

A: In 2004 while living at a Kundalini Yoga Ashram in New Mexico. Everyone was making their home brews and GTS was the only booch on the shelves in Wild Oats (now Whole Foods) back then!

Q: Why did you start your own kombucha company?

A: I loved the immediate digestive boost I experienced with kombucha, and wanted to share it with friends and family. When the response was so incredible, the business kind of started to make itself. I quit my day job as a yoga teacher, and night job as a waitress, and the rest is history!

Q: What is your favorite flavor of Kombucha? 

A: I love Wild Brews out of Costa Rica, especially the Limon & Chlorofila flavour.

Q: What is your former/current other life or career?

A: I was a yoga teacher before starting Tonica. Now I am a full blown CEO and business woman everyday!

Q: What is a saying that you live by?

A: Let Love Rule. Believe. Receive. Flow.


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